Mrs. Maria's haddocks and Lefteris tavern

Athina Ioannidou
Delicious Food
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What if you do not eat haddock, Mrs. Maria will saturate your hunger anyway with appetizers and her fishes.

And if you're are for meat you will find delicious dishes too , but it's a pity to go to a fish tavern by the sea, in one of the ports of the country's fish production and order meat. It's a shame..

The Ace card of the fish tavern is the amazing environment. Traditional tables, paved, trees which cools you with their shade and Lefteris which cools you with his personality.

Across the fish tavern you see the harbor and the boats and you enjoy the beautiful sunset which unfolds in front of you.

If you visit it, you will understand what I mean, Lefteris and Mrs. Maria - love for ever.

You must definitely order steamy vatos or skylakia. The cook makes them amazing. I have never eaten more delicious and pure flavor in any other fish tavern in Kavala. Also you have to try grilled shrimps with lemon and grilled sardines, yum yum.

First ask Lefteris about fresh fish and then you decide.


Give lots of kisses and tell him that alternatrips send you there.



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