Gourmet fever at Mr Elias tavern, at Krinides village (Philippi).

Athina Ioannidou
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After a morning filled with tours to places familiar and yet so unknown, the eye and the heart nourished by nature, history and monuments and the energy has deserted us. Move around the area of Philippi where Lake Prassiada has been dried (first by the same Philip and later by the Greek Government in 1930) and now the water runs in large and small canals, feeds rural areas with the precious element, the birds, the flowers and coexists years now with the archaeological site of Philippi.

If you climb the steps of the ancient theater you can observe the fertile land that spreads before you, and you will admire the works of nature and man. You can also admire culinary creations very near, at the village of Krinides (where lilies blooms), climbing up to the height of the village, next to the plane tree and the running waters. There is a little gem, the Tavern of Mr. Elias.

The tavern was running in my head as we went up the hill. I imagined a traditional village tavern with simple design and common but genuine flavors. We parked under the plane tree just next to a small square. This should be like paradise during summer, I thought. On the one hand the running water, the plane tree, the paved square and on the other hand people eating together, singing and laughing. So I imagined.

Since we visited during winter, we had to go to the interior space of the tavern. A wooden door opens and I crouch down to enter. I stand in awe. A masterpiece revealed before me. Antique tables with large wooden legs, paintings on the walls from another era, an old piano with seat, gossamer curtains and a stone fireplace burns incessantly. I was so exciting about the discovery.

Of course I was told that the tavern is known by the connoisseurs of the area and always hosts artists and actors during the ancient drama or comedy performances at the Ancient theater of Philippi which is 5 minutes away.

Barbara and Savvas are the main coefficients of our culinary fever. The pots are filled, the cinder burns and salads are cut beautifully. In front of our hungry eyes arrive dishes that some would characterize gourmet. The forks are working, plates are emptied and refilled and wine is tickling our mouth. At the end the dessert, halva with buffalo butter is the best finish for a great meal.

The dream still holds for good even as I write about it, it appears alive in front of me and tries to invite you to a magical world of flavors. Do not miss this.


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