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Τhe mountain settlement of Elatochori as well as the old settlement sharing the same name have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to the ski resort located a few kilometers away. Admittedly, before visiting the village, the thought of testing my mettle in skiing had barely crossed my mind. While I’ve always enjoyed the occasional visit to the mountain, I’ve always considered myself more of a summer-sports fan.

During my visit to the Pierion Mouses guesthouse, I decided to seize the opportunity and test my fortitude in riding the gorgeous snowy slopes of mountain. Ι’ve always considered skiing as the kind of posh sport that one needs to pick up at an early age so I’d like to clear a few misconceptions that might prevent aspiring skiers from enjoying the sport.

The cost of clothing varies, but as long as you avoid the more expensive brands, you can purchase a full set of ski wear with roughly 60€. The local ski resort is amongst the most modern facilities in the country and a rich array of 10 ski tracks should satisfy every skier regardless of experience. Personal ski lessons are administered by a qualified instructor for 25€ while the necessary gear is rented for 12€. While the overall cost is not trivial, the clothing and ski lessons are provided at the very beginning in a one-off payment.

Elatochori is an ideal destination for novice skiers. The two-story chalet located at the base of the resort as well as the mini chalet located amidst the ski tracks guarantee a pleasant and comfortable skiing experience.

I arrived at the resort through the Thessaloniki-Athens highway followed by a short drive on the katerini highway. During my return however, I decided to take the road less travelled and followed the more scenic route that passes through the city of Veria. The route is a few kilometers longer but boasts a rich view to the incredible rural landscape along the lush banks of the river Haliacmon.

Overall, my three-day stay at Elatochori was a rich and precious experience that will follow me for many years to come. I can’t help but feel that I should have picked up skiing earlier!

Ski resort:  http://www.elatohori-ski.gr/


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