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Athina Ioannidou
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Our ride at Poligiros in Halkidiki cannot be described us unforgettable, yet i am a believer that you can find beautiful things to see and do in every place you visit, as long as you want to. Every place owns its little secrets, so i will try to present you with those revealed to me.

First Poligiros was a purely rural place, where the inhabitants used to and continue to engage in the cultivation of olives. Boys inherit the fields with olives and girls the coastal land. Finally girls vindicated due to tourism their inherited land cost more than the boys' fields.

The city is divided into two parts, the old city and the new city. You may avoid the new because it has something great to offer, except the Saturday Bazaar, where we toured, and bought 2 pairs of socks.

The old city is therefore the most beautiful part of Poligiros and we were content to notice the continuous upgrade and renovation of buildings and squares. In a few years the old city will definitely rule the city. We did a lot of walking, took many photographs, show traditional buildings, the famous six fountains, the stone-built Town Hall, the Public Library, the Metropolitan Building and many other preserved buildings enhancing the ever-growing center of Halkidiki.

In Poligiro are found many businessmen from Italy and Turkey, who visit the Olive farmer groups to close deals for olive oil. They usually stay at Hotel Marelia, the place we stayed too.

We were suggested to eat at:

  1. Marigoula - which has won the Golden Chef's Hat cooking
  2. The Acheneio - which you'll find near City Hall
  3. The Marelia - where you can enjoy Greek and European flavors
  4. Agios Prodromos - the famous village near Poligiro for its delicious souvlaki

Bar - cafe suggestions

  1. The Bar Vinyl - very nice aesthetics, music and cocktails
  2. The Corso - Prefer if when it has a live.

Also visit

  1. Arnea - for its beauty and history
  2. Stagira - the birthplace of Aristotle

Have fun if you choose Poligiros and do not forget that it is the ideal place if you like a cool climate. Many people prefer it during the summer months.


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