The shelter of the wild wolfs in Agrapidies near Nymfaion.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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Wolf, wolf, are you here? This is what we wondered too, and after we met the "stars" of the area, the bears, and were toured to the place they are hosted, we also decided to see the wild wolves, the symbols of power and freedom that haunt legends and fairy tales and are found in Agrapidia, very close to Nimfeo.

It is about a special place with a fenced section of natural oak forest, 70 acres approximately, which is intended for the hospitality of captive wolves, who either come from seizures, or from zoos. Those wolves, who are distant from their natural social group, the pact, from an early age and have lived in direct dependence with the man, as the captive bears, do not know their basic survival mechanisms and consequently, it is impossible for them to reintegrate and survive in their natural environment.

This is why they are housed in this space for their whole life. Nearby, there’s an information center for the public. Its main goal is to reverse the bad impression that the man has for the wolf, even subconsciously- think the fairy tales of our childhood and if you find one, in which the wolf was the good one, please let me know!

We walked around the fenced area, with the hope of seeing at least one wolf, but we weren’t lucky. Beside the beautiful location-brooks, trees, view of the surrounding mountains- we also saw the Greek Pastorals that are reared in the area and are freely provided to the farmers, in order to protect their sheep.

This is done through a program of Arktouros, which checks if there are any conditions, in order to identify the beneficiaries. 2014 was the most productive year as 112 puppies were given in total to farmers which is a record number for all the years of the operation of the program Reproduction and Dissemination of the Greek Pastoral! I would gladly take one with me, though! Are you going to agree with me when you’ll see the pictures?!


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