Guesthouse Argyro - kindly treat your senses at Nymfaion village, Florina

Evi Vagianou
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End of November at Nymfaio, at the Guesthouse Argyro! It owes its name to its unique owner and hostess, and it’s one of the greatest traditional guesthouses we have ever visited (without exaggeration).

Built on the ring road of Nymfaio it is easily accessible and located very close to one of the most important sights of the village, Arktouro, offering a unique panoramic view of Nympheo from the breakfast room. Each corner is simply and tastefully decorated, with personal taste and care, which make you feel like home from the very first moment.

The one and only Argyro helps a lot to achieve this, by smiling and being kind and plethoric and by serving the most trimmed breakfast you could eat, different every day of your stay there. Handmade pies, home-made wild blueberry and wild plum jam, warm omelet, tasty muffins and fragrant coffee are some of the things you must try to get the necessary energy of the day. We heard so much about her cooking skills, but we didn’t’ t have the opportunity to taste them this time. Wise people say that you always have to leave something to find a reason to go back to a place!

The hostel has a very special living room next to the fireplace on the first floor, where you can relax while drinking the welcoming liker, made by the hostess, while the garden in the front also seemed attractive for the warm summer months. There were lots of small things that made our stay at the hostel Archontiko Argyro so pleasant. Little details that enslaved us.

Just to mention that the day of our departure was my birthday and Argyro felt bad that she didn’t know it so she could have prepared something more special, but she managed to give me the most unusual ... sweet, that no one has ever made as a birthday cake: yoghurt with wild blueberry jam!


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