The spinning pie of Chalkidiki made by Mrs Eleni.

Athina Ioannidou
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Eleni was waiting for us at 6 pm in the Farm Platanorema to show us how they make this spinning juicy pie of Chalkidiki. Of course the preparations had already begun 2 hours ago, otherwise you would expect us to finish at 12 at night.

The master of the pie had already made the leaves of the pie and the filling, which rested carelesly in the fridge for some hour. So we got our materials on the table of the restaurant and we started.

All we used is listed here:

  • Vitam mixed with oil
  • Groats
  • Eggs
  • Grass area
  • Greek Cheese
  • Salt
  • Various peppers
  • A large Molder 
  • A round Pan

In this pie we have 2 leaves, the bottom and the top one and in the middle stands our delicious stuffing. So we stretched the bottom leaf on our pan, placed the filling evenly over the leaf and added the second leaf on top. It sounds easy right? Maybe, but now comes the hard part.

Its time for baking, but this will not happen in the oven, but on coals which we had already prepared. We spread the coals circularly at our outdoor oven and make sure to leave space in the middle because otherwise the pie will burn for good. We placed a holder over the coals and placed the round pan on it.

Now begins the spin. Eleni turns the pie in a constant and continiuous way with very little breaks in between, until she gets dizzy by starring at it. Once baked on the one side, we do the acrobatics with the pan and turn the pie on the other side which needs to be baked in the same patient way like before. 

After finishing with the bake, began the eating and believe me it was good.


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