The Parthenon of North Greece.

Athina Ioannidou
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First time i heard of this village i was impressed by its name. When i googled it to check on some photos i was astonished. And when i visited it i fell in love with it. It is so beautiful that you might feel like Alice in wonderland wishing never to go back to reality.

At the footsteps of mountain Dragoudeli, Parthenonas village is one of the most beautiful and traditional villages of Halkidiki, probably the best i would say, mainly because of its amazing site. While it is on the mountain hills it has a magnificent view over the bay of Marmaras and the first foot of Halkidiki. Endless nature, charming view over the sea, sunset thrill, traditional houses and guesthouses. 3 in one, pack and go.

The village is multicultural. Although it only holds four (4) residents during winter time, from spring till autumn it is occupied by english, french, portuguese and german people who own some of the houses of Parthenonas. Across its stone-made paths, you will meet travelers, hikers, cyclists and other naturalists going up and down the village to sometime reach up to the top of Dragoudeli.

The Macedonian architecture is prevalent, with beautiful traditional details and handmade chimneys, large courtyards with pomegranates, vaccinia, apple trees, pears and various other trees. Fresh mountain water is running through the village's fountains and a magnificent church of 1837 will blow your mind together with the local school which is now a folklore museum.

The climate is mild in the village. The temperatures are ideal during all seasons, as the summer is cool and winter temperatures do not reach below -2 degrees Celsius. "All seasons are beautiful," says Mr. Stelios from the Guesthouse Horostasi "But spring at Parthenon, my child, is something like impressionism."


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