Noah's Ark is finally found at Platanorema, Chalkidiki.

Athina Ioannidou
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We certainly did not believe what we were going to experience when we began our trip to Platanorema Farmhouse in Chalkidiki. Our Guesthouse was between the second and third leg of Chalkidiki, far from the crowds and prying eyes and very near Pyrgadikia village. We found it pretty easily (also supported by google maps), turned right at the sign and stumbled into the first inspiring element. A creek with plenty of water and a small bridge that passed us across. We patted the water for a while and followed the rest of the road leading to Mr. Jianni's promised land.

Mr. Jiannis along with his women-aides and the foreman of the farm welcomed us with local organic red wine and steaks from the farm's pigs. "Today's cute pigs might turn into tommorow's chops", I thought, but it was so delicious that the carnivore passion prevailed. Mr. Jiannis, a tall, kind and nurturing man who loves appetizers, made us feel like our home and he opened his heart.

This big farm, was his family dream, which was realized in 2007. It consists of the stone chic Guesthouses, the restaurant with the great monastery stove, a vast green estate surrounded by a vast green land, a basketball and tennis courts, horses, ponies and donkeys and a farm with pigs, chicken, ducks, goats and peacocks. Impressive !!!!!

Our room was excellent, with a cute living room with fireplace and great balcony with any amazing view over the meadows. But what made my brain tickle happened during my morning awakening. I got up out of bed, I opened the curtain and what to see! Two horses munching grass outside my window! This was something i was certainly not expecting. After a while I realized that the two horses, the pony and the donkey were free to move around the farm, even outside my door.

"He is Noah" said my travel buddy.

"What do you mean?", is asked.

"This farm is like Noah's Ark, do not you see?", he replied. If another cataclysm happens Mr. Jiannis will have all that we would crave for, if we lose our cities, our computers and our jobs.

He might not even realise it now, perhaps because he might be used to it, but Mr. Jiannis is a very lucky man and we hope you can visit his farm even for a coffee! It is always open for children and families, for gourmet lovers and for monks from Mount Athos. Thank you very much for the great hospitality and friendship, Mr. Yannis, Giota, Eleni and Mara...... we promise to come back very soon!


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