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Pozar Baths and Spa: The gift of God to Pela region.
I have been expectin this trip for days now. I have been day-dreaming of warm waters, waterfalls, pools, hamam, spa and nature. So there we go leaving Yannitsa and heading toward to Aridaia and from there looking for the signs to Loutraki and Pozar Baths and Spas.
The route is very beautiful with picturesque villages, valleys with crops and vineyards. But we are going there to that mountain that stands before us and promises us the baths of heaven. Arriving at the entrance our agony grows.
Where to go, where to start, how to get information, maybe go for a coffee first? Questions overwhelm us and we decide to head towards the first building to obtain information.
So, what are our options?
  1. Indoor Hammam, yes
  2. Indoor spa, yes please
  3. Outdoor swimming pool , yeah yeah yeah
  4. Natural pools and waterfalls, YES !
  5. Natural ponds Along the way, definitely yes .
Well, we did it all and now I can do suggestions based on my taste ofcourse. 
Definitely try the natural pool next to the waterfall. It might be crowded in the morning, but after 8pm the scenery is idyllic. The warm waters, the steam and the cataracts are impressive, nature is at ease and you think that you are playing in a movie or something.
In the morning time i suggest the natural ponds you've traced along your way to the baths. Smallish, mainly for two people, you will enjoy FREE prive situations. Set your body in a good position and enjoy the bath, the nature and the waterfalls in front of you.
The indoor hammam and the spa can be enjoyed in the winter, when outside will be freezing. The best time to visit Pozar Bath and Spas is either autumn or spring. During the winter it might be very cold and during the summer very hot and humid and we don't like that.
Have fun and when leaving get yourself some traditional products from the small shops near the entrance.
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