Travelogue at the 4 most exciting emerald beaches of Lefkada island.

Eva Krokidi
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Lefkada, a famous island in the Ionian Sea has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The experience that relates to your sensation with the water element and the beaches is accelerated at the western side of the island. You must have in mind that access can be difficult since almost all beaches are located on the edges of the rocks, after driving several kilometers from the town of Lefkada.

You are sweating in the car and have already been despaired from the heat, but in the same time you enjoy the varied greenery of the island and among the bushes the blue sky start to encounter the emerald waters. You continue with you mission as you can now feel and suspect that there is something down there low, which is waiting with impatience to taste.

First beach of my journey, was Pefkoulia.

A rather accessible beach with an immense sandy bay and clear sparkling waters. At the top of the beach you can lose yourself in a dense pine forest that is at least fascinating. I would say the perfect place for a picnic on the beach or for a restful nap in the shade.

Next beach is Kathisma.

Also relatively easy to access, too beautiful, more touristic and family friendly.

Third comes Yialos beach.

Goind down is totally breathtaking, but its emerald surprises at every turn make it worthwhile. Endless beach, the same delicious water, the magic of the sea in your body and in your spirit relaxes you completely. And finally, the icing on the cake is...

Egremni Beach.

Difficult access and almost 400 steps (!!) to reach the beach. The most difficult of course is going up, since going down goes off quickly as the magic unfolds in front and the only thing you can think is to enter the emerald sea and enjoy its endless pleasures. The water feel like a dream and the sound from the waves pop on you feet. The vastness of the beach can lead you in more remote places, especially when there is not much tourism on the island. A pleasure you can not get enough of. If you have made a provision for supply of energy, ie food and water, the sunset will be even more magical.

It is a promise to return to this magic beach.


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Eva Krokidi

My Name is Eva Krokidi, born in Corfu but have been living in Patra. My job as a School Consultant demands my travelling in 16 different places which i like to visit also as a tourist. I love travelling and my top destination is ofcourse Corfu. Travelling around the world, participating in a Brazilian Carnival and a Crouise to Alaska are my ultimum goals. Until then i travel and photograph anything passing by.

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