The Majestic Lagoon of Korission in Corfu

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I can still remember the first time I visited the Lagoon of Korission in Corfu. I was 11-12 years old and it was on one of my school trips. After a few hours travelling by bus, we reached the Southern-West side of Corfu.

The landscape didn't do anything for me at first! A lake (lagoon to be exact), surrounded by plenty of greenery (typical Corfiot scenery) at it's east side and loads of "sky and sea" blue on the west. Quite usual for Corfu I'd say!!!

After a few minutes listening to our teacher talking about the flora and fauna of the region, I felt the need to explore the place, so I headed west towards the sea. As I was walking, I realised something very odd but beautiful had happened.

I stopped to have a look around and there I was, surrounded by dunes and cedars, making me feel like I had travelled to the Sahara desert instead of the Lagoon of Korission.

It was unbelievable, I was standing in the middle of a desert with the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other. Petrified and moving dunes all over, at an ecosystem unique in Corfu that teaches the laws of balance and harmony in a way only mother nature knows how to keep!

So I kept going and when..."Sahara" had ended, I came accross the beach of Halikounas, an oblong and sandy beach with crystal clear water. The ideal missing part to the puzzle of this complex and almost undisturbed ecosystem.

If you're looking for a place to have your pic-nic, or a quick motocross route, or just a place to chill out and have a swim in the cool waters of the Ionian sea, the region of Lagoon Korission has GOT to be one of your first choices!

Access is very easy by any vehicle and there's plenty of parking space. At the beach of Halikounas you'll find a beach bar where you can get a coffee, juice or a snack in the case where you went unprepared.

Explore, admire, and enjoy the peacefulness the place has to offer, a long way from the tourist noise of the island and give yoursleves a memory that will fill your soul with euphoria every time you recall it!


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