Erikousa island, the most detached place of the Ionian sea.

Eva Krokidi
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In the northern part of Corfu, in the sea, where the Adriatic starts, are the Diapontia islands. One of them is Erikoussa. It is the second largest island with an area of ​​3.7 square kilometers and about 698 residents after the 2001 census. 

Going to this small paradise, with its huge beach and the feeling the old-school sense, can be done in two ways. Or with the ferry "Alexander" every two hours from the city of Corfu or a small boat that brings you from the ports of Sidari or St. Stephen's in about an hour. So you can choose the option of having daily excursion, the boat will go back to your starting point late in the afternoon, but I will ommit the magic of afternoon swim in the crystal clear waters of Ereikoussa. 

Of course, if you're lucky-you can visit the island on the annual reunion of Errikousa emigrants to the USA. This reunification effort and connection is celebrated with a local festival with Corfu music. The sailing boat will bring you back for free this time, especially for the festival is in the courtyard of the church of St. Nicholas. There, eat, dance with your soul, make your dinner swim in warm water even when all settle down, around 4 am to turn back into a sea of ​​oil, since you will feel the humidity of the island in your own skin and you will hear the notes of the wave in the absolute silence of the night. 

The island is a magical place. You dive your feet in the sand against and you gaze on the opposite the north coast of Corfu and feel that you have travelled back in time. The sailing boat tied close to the beach remind you that Italy is very close and that you are really and realistically in the most northwestern part of Greece. If you are hungry or looking for accommodation, the hotel of the island will ensure you enjoy both and the bars in the evening will make your life a little more exciting. 

Even one day on this magical island will fill your batteries with sea, sun, relaxation, tranquility and serenity. And you feel that you traveled for a while in another place that still resists and keeps the atmosphere of the most distant era without a bustling crowd of tourists usually found at the coastline adjacent to Corfu.


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