Cape Drastis in Northern Corfu, a wonderful experience

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The Cape "Drastis" is hidden within a beautiful wooded landscape in the North Block of Corfu and specifically in the traditional village of Peroulades

Access is relatively easy with any vehicle, even by foot for the more athletic types!

Once you get to Peroulades' main square just follow the signs! If you face any difficulty in finding it, the locals are always willing to help you! Just ask a local villager to guide you.

Beyond the cape, where one can sit, relax and have a swim, there are many small and beautiful secluded beaches  and various small islands that allow you to choose the place that suites you better in order to lie and try your skills in cliff-jumping. 

One advantage is that access to these places can only be via sea (either by swimming or by boat you can get from the Cape) and has protected it from the human intervention, preserving the natural beauty and pristine.

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη


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