Greece Travel Blogs

Greece Travel Blogs

On this page you are very lucky to explore some of the most exciting Greece travel blogs and posts written by real people who love to travel in Greece and talk about it with passion. We are gathering all those travel bloggers we love to read and get inspired from. Each blogger has its own way to experience Greece and travelling and a unique way to express on the beauty of Greece which is what this collection is all about. So enjoy, read, get inspired and travel!

Things to do in London with Kids

Forget shopping! There are tons of things to do in London with kids, and you should take them to London. If you are planning a family trip to London with your kids, you might be worried about keeping them entertained. It would be a shame to spend all the money on a trip abroad and then miss some of the amazing kid-friendly activities London has to offer. This guide is designed to make sure your trip hits all of the highlights so that you and...

An Insider’s Guide to 3 Days in Lisbon

Ready to experience 3 days in Lisbon? Lisbon combines the old-time charm of Europe with a more affordable culture and modern twists. She does all this without letting you down when it comes to sights to see. With her colorful, sloping streets, Lisbon beccons travelers to come enjoy her at any time of year. So, pack your bag and get ready for a few marvelous days in the capital of Portugal. Just a side note before we get started: if you’re fit...

4 Reasons Why an Inflatable SUP is the Perfect Adventure Travel Accessory

There’s so much to do when traveling to exotic new destinations. SUP is one of these exciting things to do. From the wide selection of native foods to the rich tapestry of local landmarks, the adventure never ends. It’s often said that the world is your playground — but what’s a playground without the right toys? We all love to bring “toys” to these foreign playgrounds: GoPro cameras, a nifty pair of binoculars, our favorite travel backpack...

7 Days Ireland Itinerary What To See & Do

An Ireland itinerary is necessary if you want to plan your time on the island in a correct and fun way. If you are traveling to Ireland, there is so many place that you might want to stop and enjoy. From the beauty of the mountains to the stunning coastlines and the great food, there is so much you can invest your time in doing while making memories last in the “Emerald Isle”. Here is an example of a trip that you can take while you are in...

The Top Countries to Visit for Coffee Lovers

Do you love coffee? Whether it’s a quick espresso before work, a morning Americano, or a frothy cappuccino, we all love a caffeine fix. In fact, about 83% of the adults in America drink coffee, and the obsession with this delicious beverage spans further than the US too, with people all around the world putting their own spin on the coffee experience. Every country has its own unique story when it comes to coffee consumption, with some far...

3 Days in Karpathos Island Greece

Karpathos island is not a popular destination. At least that is what many people think. We spend 3 days in Karpathos and we were blown away from the things you can do. We came back, wondering why this island is less known than other ones that also belongs to Dodecanese islands of Greece. It is an island not to underestimate. It has really beautiful and colorful beaches, fantastic food options, really good prices (we went at the end of May), tons...