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The experience of this journey, which we partly owe to Alternatrips which gave us the opportunity to stay at Dilofos Mansion and partly to the 2 pgs we spent choosing a wrong turn to Zagoria, - SOS Alternatripers: you have to select the road from Ioannina to get here - it was breathtaking!

Reaching DILOFO, you have to leave your car in the village's entrace, as cars are prohibitted due to the traditionallity and preservance of the village. Dilofo village is located in the heart of Zagoria, between "Monodentri", "Kipi" and "Koukouli". After being treated by lovely Dimitra of the Dilofos Mansion with some local mastic liquer to recover from the driving exhaustion, she gave us a tour inside and outside the wonderful Mansion and tought us the secrets of the area...

You can do everything in one day like we did: We suggest to start the excursion with breakfast consisting of the traditional flour pie with feta in "Sopotseli", one of the two cafe - restaurants of the village. Alternatively, you can try the same made by Kikitsa's hands at "Monodentri". Please check the photos of us eating a delicious pie.

After doing a brief DIlofo-tour to feed your senses with stone, traditional architecture and clean air, stop at "Monodentri" to enjoy a bigger and picturesque village and visit "Rizario school". From there, take a small path that leads to Saint Paraskevi, a beautiful small chapel with a views across the ravine of Vikos. Continue to "Oksia", passing the Stone Forest, yes, you heard me: it is a forest fighting with the stone. Stop by to see "Voydomati" and shout loudly: scary.

When going back to Monodentri - Vitsa, get your feet to the village "Aristi" to take a break and have drink and then boost your feet and start your way to "Papiggo". Half way you will cross by a path that leads to a very special monastery. Wear your hiking shoes, take a breath and start your way to the top. You can finally strike the monastery's bell.

When in "Papiggo" do not forget to drink the traditional tea with herbs, buy local delicacies and taste the raki at "Rogovo" which means "a place where the shepherds meet," as we were told the hospitable owners. Continue to "Small Papiggo", but take notice of a small sign on your left, saying "Ovides" which will take you to a mini-paradise of freshness and natural beauty!

The natural lakes in the region will thrill you, either you dive or not. Pure magic. You can pass from one to the other, if you're brave to enter the chilled water. You will end up at Small Papiggo and watchdog of WWF. We haven't seen befor such natural wealth.

The next day, you can visit "Elati" to eat at a shop called "Stariza" which opens, unfortunately for us, on July 20 and onward and the menu includes appetizers of all kinds, metsovone, sundried tomatoes and traditional local dishes! Go for a walk at Kipi to see - and if you do not be afraid to walk - on the triple bridges and ask the locals if the Church with philosopher's frescoes is open at "Negades" village.

Finally, if you can bear it, climb the "Kapesovo" and from there climb a million stairs to "Vradeto"! There you will find "the balcony of Zagoria", a bridge connecting the two villages where you will have an amazing view of the river.

TIP: Whoever told you Zagorohoria are better during the winter are very wrong. The nature blossoms this season, so chose spring - summer to visit it!


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