Welcome to Hotel Papaevangelou in Papiggo, Zagorohoria.

Evi Vagianou
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We arrived at the Hotel Papaevangelou at Grand Papiggo, after an amazing driving experience and a constant view of the sunbathed Towers of Astraka, just about the time it gets dark, on a Friday in late September.

What initially grabbed our attention was the charming details in every part of the Hotel. The flower garden and the reception area and our room, which was warm and traditionally decorated respecting the local architecture and ' style ' of the region, were carefully decorated to depict the fine taste of the owners. Our room was a poem.  We enjoyed the extremely comfortable bed, the bathroom, which could be described as a ' work of art ', because of its ornate wooden sink and stone steps leading to a raised bathtub. The light of the sun, coming through the beautifully crafted windows made the room look very cozy. 

The first great impression was harmoniously completed the next morning and the reason was the BREAKFAST: George and Markela treated us with a lot of care ... I have no words for the wonderful homemade jams, the handmade cakes, the freshly cut fruit salad and delicious coffee. To complete the perfect image i have to tell you that the breakfast was served on the stone balcony with a view to the grandiose mountains of grand Papiggo.

George and Markela were kind enough to offer us a third night, because my friend Vassilis managed to repair the owner's telescope, giving them the ability to see again the unique and inspiring starful sky of the region!

We would like to thank our guesthouse owners , George and Marcela for their great hospitality and Alternatrips for the wonderful weekend!

Guide - Photographer, Telescope repairer: Vassilis Triantafillou


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