Tsepelovo village and the reason i loved it.

Filio Pitsounaki
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So many beautiful places we have visited, so many beautiful experiences that it really is very difficult to choose which is the best to tell you.

I could talk for hours about the stone forest, the canyon gorge, the infinite arched bridges and the various Zagorohoria villages competing in a beauty.

I will pay a special tribute to village Tsepelovo. A village that I loved at first sight. It happened that the day we visited the main square was under decoration for Christmas and it was a dream.

I really liked the church of 18th century painters from the region, renowned in their time, the hospitable people of the vilalge and the beautiful shops for coffee. A very nice place i would certainly like to visit again.

A thought stoke me when we entered the village that I would like to spend an Easter time at Tsepelovo village. Attending the resurrection of Christ in the central square of Tsepelovo, with the world and nature around awakened from the slumber of winter.

Very very nice, indeed!


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