Theasis Igloo: Igloo at Tzoumerka, is it possible?

Evi Vagianou
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 We have been to Tzoumerka many times in the past as we have a very special love for this spot of Greece. This place has a very wild beauty and is so tempting and charming that we keep coming back since the first time.

The motive for this visit was Theasis Igloo, the most peculiar accommodation we know about.

We were very impressed with the photographs on the accommodation's website, but in reality our expectation were exceeded!

The agrotourism accommodation Theasis Igloo are situated at Siggena Kistadon of Arta region, next to Pramanta, the head village of the area. Things here are miles away from noise and any kind of polution and very close to a green valley of fir trees underneath the imposing sierra of Tzoumera and the top Strogkoula. On this spot we found Theasis Igloo and its owner Mr. Nikos, who offered to please us in any way.

The Igloo we stayed was a circular and piramid contruction, built in the traditional way of Vlach huts and had nothing in common with any other accommodation we have visited. What a peculiar mansion!

The Igloo had a woodstove which we used although it way May and an amazing glass open top which let us look at the sky while sitting or laying on the bed. What an amazing experience! This glass top of observation combined with the beauty of surroundings and the calmenss were the perfect conditions for chilling, astro-observation and philosophical wanderings. The city felt so far away.

There was nothing more pleasing and beautiful than the sunny mornings filled with green and blossoms, with birds singings and a great breakfast with freshly baked coffee, traditional breakfast, handmade bread and homemade marmelade. How could you leave this place? How could you go back to the everyday city life?

We want to tank our excellent hosts, Mr. Nikos and Vaso who tipped us with some lemons muffins while going back home.

We were amazed and delighted from our stay at Theasis Igloo and the owners and we are definitely going to visit again!


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Evi Vagianou

Hello i am Evi, born and raised in Thessaloniki and a lawer since 2005. Expept for sports and extreme sports in nature, my other great love is to travel. When i come back from a trip i have to preper the next one to feel good.

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