Sirrako village, the diamont of Tzoumerka, Ioannina.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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At a heigh of 1.150 m., on the slope of Lakmos mount, stands a true jewl of the Tzoumerka area, tha beautiful Sirrako village. A traditional village made of stone streets, gorgeous old Mansions, endless water streams, stone fountains and traditional squares.

"Seraco" at the Vlach diallect means poor and infertile, something you can notice if you look nearby. Naked rocks that is also caused by the exhaggerated farmery which used to be the main activity of the villagers.

We reached the village and parked the car where the road ends. We crossed the stone arch and followed a beautiful stone path, 300m of bridges, archeres, fountains, waterfalls, small houses renovated and ruins.

Wandering on the stone narrow streets is quite a pleasure and the locals were very very polite and welcoming to us. You have to stop at the picturesque old square where two huge plane trees stand next to Saint Nikolaos Church. You can enjoy the food, some coffee, the amazing traditional deserts or even stop over to enjoy the scenery.

Don't miss the historic Gkouras Fount with its three faucets where you can enjoy some chilled, fresh and clear water, right from the mountain.

Sirrako village was also the birthplace of Kostas Kristallis, the famous mountain poet, whose lirics were inspired by his village.

Before leaving the village we stopped at the cafe-patisserie of the traditional guesthouse Casa Calda, "Sarika", where we ordered the delicious yiogurt with cranberries and enjoyed the view from its balcony.


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