A refreshing Rafting experience at Kallaritikos river, Tzoumerka.

Evi Vagianou
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It is Spring time! The weather is getting hotter and hotter and the rivers' level fills with water coming from the nearby mountains.

What's better than rafting in Kallaritikos river near Ioannina, one of the most technical rivers in Greece, with level of difficulty at 3-4, when the easier ones count 1-2. To enter the river with your rafting board, you have to go to Gkogkou Bridge, near Michalitsi village.

Kallaritikos river is a branch of Arahthos river, which fountains from Tzoumerka. The scenery is quite Alpine and the gradient of the river big enough to raise my adrenaline in new tops.

The river is narrow, continiously changing, with interesting paths and an amazing scenery you will never forget. I kept losing my concentration on rafting since i got absolved by the beauty of the surroundings. Almost got out of the board once!

The rafting experience is quite intense, the foaming water, the continious maneuvers, the obstacles of the river, binded the team in order to avoid any water drops.

In the middle of the route we crossed through a narrow gorge. What an exciting experience! The wild beauty and the clear and chilled water made us feel so alive.

We needed 3 hours to complete our mission and reach the end of our journey which was at the Plakas Bridge.

The best part of the journey was the Waterfalls of Kliffi, a renowened sightseeing of the area which you can also reach on foot starting from Kalentzi village. A place of rare beauty at the heart of Araxtho's Gorge.

The water was so cold that you could't feel your body and the scenery was so exotic that made you feel so special!


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Hello i am Evi, born and raised in Thessaloniki and a lawer since 2005. Expept for sports and extreme sports in nature, my other great love is to travel. When i come back from a trip i have to preper the next one to feel good.

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