Old-school Orestis Guesthouse at Ano Pedina, Zagorochoria.

Athina Ioannidou
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You will fairly wonder who Orestis is, because even if you visit the Guesthouse you won’t be able to see him. You will certainly see Mrs. Eleni Pagratiou architect and vice consult of France, moving actively in the room or making flour pies or mpatsaries which you will taste at your breakfast or get it as a treat with a welcome "tsipouro".

But who was Orestis?  This house was the first Guesthouse in Zagori in 1987 and remains the same since then. The hallways, the furniture, the old items, the old fireplaces, rugs, all testify another era with long history. The Guesthouse has hosted many famous artists and politicians. Mrs. Eleni is the connecting link.

Between the two buildings of the Guesthouse, where the rooms are housed, you will see a great little garden, cobbled with colorful tables which unfortunately we didn’t enjoy enough because it was cold, (it was March), but I am sure that it will be the perfect place for the occupants and owners for joy and pleasure at the summer.

You will enjoy traditional breakfast with main attraction the traditional pie and if you're lucky Mrs. Eleni will make you for dinner a wonderful dish of French cuisine, in which she has great inclination.

The Guesthouse may not be super luxury as the mansions around but if you are the type of person who give special attention to the details and the people around you then you will enjoy your stay at Orestis’s house.


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