Margarites cafe restaurant at Kipoi, Zagorohoria.

Ioanna Serafimidou
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You will find Margarites Cafe and Restaurant on the central road of Kipi Zagorion, but don't worry you will definately notice this beautiful place, as it blends the traditional architecture with a romantic style based on floral elements. For sure it differs from the cafes and restaurants of the rest of Kipi village.

When we looked at the menu, we had the impression that Margarites is a very special restaurant, although we didn't have to chance to taste any of its dishes. We were not destined to eat at that point of the day.

We had a lovely afternoon resting at its wonderful yard, we enjoyed the fresh air, the warm feeling of the surroundinds, a greek coffee and a chilled beer.

The services was very friendly and polite and the music was carefully selected.

We sure liked it!

Alternatrips: If you visit Margarites and taste its cuisine, leave us a comment with your opinion. Thanks!


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