Lithos Tavern: Great Food at Dilofo, Zagorohoria

Filio Pitsounaki
Delicious Food
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Besides Dilofo village and Guesthouse Gaia, i have to share with all the friends of Alternatrips, one more place that i really loved.

It is Lithos tavern, where we had the great pleasure to dine for two nights in a row, while our stay at Dilofo.

The tavern is a cozy two-story building. A beautiful fireplace dominates the internal part of the building and the decoration consisted of Christmas bulbs and ornaments. It was Christmas time when we visited. 

But what makes this place special is Takis, the owner of the tavern whom along with his partner welcomed us and made ​​us feel like we know each othe for many year.

The food, the wine, the environment, the warmth, all were fantastic. The Cook was Takis himself, who prepared are food of preference. He will enter the kitchen, prepare the food and then come back to sit in front of the fireplace and talk to you like you were friends.

We had the luck to visit the tavern during a not so crowded Weekend, just a few days before the holidays, which is the reason we enjoyed Takis company for so long.

It's a place i would suggest to all of you and definitely visit again.


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