The fairytales of Anemi in Kato Pedina, Lila, Paul and the children

Athina Ioannidou
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Once upon a time there was Paul, a man serious and capable, whose hands could convert silver to gold. He lived in the big city but he was always bored of it, although he had friends and acquaintances and loved ones but when it was feasible he abandoned them and went to the mountains. His favorite place was Zagoria which he adored for their beauty since he was a kid.

The years passed and Paul was going more and more often there and Zagorohoria became his obsession. During a walking tour within the haystacks inside Vikos Gorge, he saw a sweet fairy-girl looking at her reflection, her name was Lila. Beautiful Lila was making wreaths with woods and spring flowers for the passengers and was singing magically (so magically that she later sang with the "winter swimmers" a very cool band).

I want her, said Paul and didn’t think of it twice. He grabs her, kisses her in the mouth, puts her in the car and now they have two beautiful kids. You will meet them all together in their own Traditional Guesthouse, Anemi, in Kato Pedina, overlooking the valley of Soudena, living their own personal fairy tale.

Anemi Guesthouse is like a fairy tale too, suitable for those who appreciate the colorful longhaired rugs, the fluffy Cocomat beds, raki and the flour pie of Zagoria. The Guesthouse consists of 2 parts: (a) the Kitchen and (b) the rooms. In the Kitchen area Lila or Paul will make you breakfast with fresh milk, cheese, eggs, pancakes, juice, homemade bread, Lila’s jams and honey from the mountains of Zagoria. There you will enjoy your coffee, read your book, talk with the children, play games, drink raki, coffee, wine. In general you will do everything in there when you're not outside hiking or strolling around, or outside on their balcony overlooking the valley and the mountains when the weather is warm.

In the rooms except from sleeping, you can also daydream in front of the fireplace or to read guides for the Zagoria villages which Lila diligently has placed next to you. The rooms are colorful, bright, with stunning view too. If you may, ask Lila to book you the suite room upstairs, she knows!

There’s no way to get bored because Lila and Paul are active people and most of the times they host art exhibitions, or loom lessons, or make cheese from local goat milk or flour pies. They will for sure prepare something for you.

Warm people, full of life, attentive, Lords of the Guesthouse, they attract you with the care they give, not because they have to, but because they are made for that. We loved them and promised to return in May or June, during the most beautiful months of Zagoria, as we were told.


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