Dilofo and GAIA Guesthouse, both in one memory.

Filio Pitsounaki
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My acquaintance with beautiful DILOFO took place a dusk of December after a comfortable and relaxing journey and of course thanks to the opportunity given to me by the Alternatrips beautiful contests. 

The journey was very accessible and not tiring at all, as originally imagined. It was my first time at Zagoria although I consider myself a lover of travel and public excursions. But let's talk about this experience called DILOFO and GAIA guesthouse.


 A village where the visitor thinks he has been transfered to several decades ago. At that time when people used to wander in the beautiful small streets, living in those beautiful stone houses.

You have to meet the owners of the large two-story house that welcomes at the entrance of the village. You can hear the bell indicating the beginning or the end of the teaching period in Anagnostopoulio school as proved by a sign outside of a beautiful wooden entrance. I can imagine the large yard and a huge two-story building which once used to host many students.

What is left today at the village except the 10 residents who seem permanent is the magic and serenity that overwhelms the visitor. The incredible peace that you feel when you walk through the dark and deserted streets. 

A feeling quite strong especially when you pass outside the beautiful old church where, we learned, that the shooting of a famous Greek TV series took place few years ago.

Guesthouse GAIA.

You can certainly find many hostels, guesthouses and mansions that can accommodate anyone who wants to come and find what you lose when you live in a city with crazy rhythms. Especially the sense of simplicity in our lives, a fireplace to warm you, a cozy chat with the host of the guesthouse, a drink and a conversation that is interrupted by the sizzling of wood burned. Mr. Yiannis our host at GAIA Guesthouse, comes from Crete another very hospitable part of Greece, was waiting for us to warm us with a drink and a chat after our trip. The cold was bitter but inside the guesthouse everythings was fine.


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