Avragonio Guesthouse at Great Papiggo, Zagorohoria.

Evi Vagianou
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Having checked the brilliant website of Avragonio Guesthouse, we came prepared to face a guesthouse of exceptional standards, of high comforts level and with a high demanding index from our part.

What we faced when we arrived, exceded our expectations.

A guesthouse with 23 houses build in different levels in total harmony with the landscape, where the stone element dominates and nature blossoms. Yellow and red fallen leafs covered almost anything due to the autumn season.

The pros of Avragonio Guesthouse, is the location, as the visitor looks straight at the Towers of Astraka from every spot of the yard.

Our room was simple with beautiful swirls that made it differ, like vintage wooden sculptured libraries with many books for different tastes, while the fireplace and the saloon in front made it particularly warm, both literally and metaphorically.

This night first impression, as when we arrived was already dark outside, was completed in the morning during breakfast time: the autumn colors were even more impressive during the daylight. The Towers of Astraka were buried behind a cloud and made the landscape even more remarkable.

We could also enjoy the view to the Small Papigko, its traditional houses and its rich nature, which we photographed again and again together with all the surrounded landscape.

It is worth mentioning the little white mascot dog of Avragonio Guesthouse, amazing "Nanouk" that managed to bend our resistance and made us feed her the leftovers of the breakfast dishes, using those sorrowful eyes and the shaking of its nose! This emotional strategy should have worked many times in the past with a positive outcomes. Clever dog she is.


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