Wandering at the old town of Rhodes island.

Georgia Allou
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Wandering at the narrow streets of the old town of Rhodes is filled with magic.

You feel that you are wandering in the history of this place, when the knights used to live. If you close your eyes you can hear the horses stepping on the stone streets.

You will see the children running around without worries, since the old town is car-free. Say high to the local residents who gather in groups outside their houses, look at the freshly washed clothes hanged in the yards, enjoy the beautiful flowers at the pots and smell the freshly baked food outside of the windows. Beautiful images that have nothing to do with your city.

During the summer you will meet a lot of people going up and down the streets of the old town to check on the traditional shops but if you want to experience the real old town i suggest you get lost in the not so touristic streets and head towards the most authentic part of the old town.

In the old town you will find the Medieval Castle, a truly unique human creation, inside and outside. You will see Palm trees, Mosques, stone-built churches, hammams which will keep your interest alive!

Everytime i get to wander around the old town i feel so lucky because everytime their is something new to discover, every little path has something different to offer and many times hold secrets you cannot imagine. I am sure you will enjoy this feeling too.

See you around!


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Georgia Allou

Γεννήθηκα (έτσι μου είπαν) και μεγάλωσα στη Ρόδο. Μου αρέσουν οι εκδρομές στη φύση, τα τοπία της και οι μυρωδιές της. Τα ταξίδια, το φαγητό, τα σοκάκια, η θάλασσα, τα βουνά, τα σύννεφα...Η μουσική που με γεμίζει συναισθήματα και οι άνθρωποι που μου μαθαίνουν να "βλέπω".


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