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Georgia Allou
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Thinking that after so many years, I know every corner of the island, I am still pleasantly surprised with this place because eventually I discover something new. Rhodes beyond its cosmopolitan air, is characterized by other elements, such as its villages, remote beaches, traditions, people and the nature. In every season the island is unique and wonderful.

The truth is that I struggled to pick out the best places of Rhodes. I did not know what to choose, but finally I decided to quote some of my favorite beaches, villages, trails and attractions. 


- Saint George Beach, lonely, fine sand, shallow waters. A real beach discovery and revelation!
- Fourne, special beauty near a mountain with forest. Surprise gift is a very small beach next to Fourne named Ammoui.
- The beach of Lachanias, small colorful pebbles, clear waters, vast and away from the crowds.


- Platania vilalge, located in the middle of the island, small and cute.
- Eleoysa village, surrounded by a lot of green and trees.
- Monolithos village, for a great route and amazing views.
- Arnitha small village, with a beautiful sense of vitality.

Sights - nature

- Prophet Elijah, a unique travel route in a particularly unique forest.
- Castle Kritinia, from one particular point it is overlooking fields and Attavyto, and from another it is overlooking the sea as far as the eye goes.
- Attaviros, the path to the island's highest mountain, through the woods and strange rocks. The view will indemnify you.
- The forest Akramiti, a green spot overlooking the deep blue and the surrounding islands.


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Georgia Allou

Γεννήθηκα (έτσι μου είπαν) και μεγάλωσα στη Ρόδο. Μου αρέσουν οι εκδρομές στη φύση, τα τοπία της και οι μυρωδιές της. Τα ταξίδια, το φαγητό, τα σοκάκια, η θάλασσα, τα βουνά, τα σύννεφα...Η μουσική που με γεμίζει συναισθήματα και οι άνθρωποι που μου μαθαίνουν να "βλέπω".

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