Hidden beauties of Tinos island.

Hara Psahoulia
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Some time ago when travelling to Tinos island i had the same perception as any other did; that Tinos is all about Saint Mary church and the miracles happened at this church. I would never imagine that this island would enchant me that much.

Tinos island is a humble one and so are the locals that live in this beautiful place. After going to Saint Mary's church to worship her, we strolled down to Evangelistria street which is full of small shops with all kinds of merchantise. After spending one whole day at the Chora we decided to visit the suburbs of Tinos, which surprised us in a good way.

The island is not a fertile one but it has a wild beauty similar to the Cycladic islands and a unique valley, the valley of Kaloni. Around the valley we had the chance to visit its beautiful and very clean villages.

First village to visit was Volax, the village of basket makers. If you walk around the village you will meet people making various kind of baskets, an art not many people do nowdays.

The next villages were beautiful with its narrow streets and the white houses full of colorful flowers. Last but not least was Pyrgos village which is the biggest and most beautiful village of the island. Pyrgos village gives you the impression of a open-museum. Sculptures made of marble are in abundance.

The famous Giannoulis Halepas, the sculptor who made the notorious Sleeping beauty, cames from Tinos island. Nowdays you can visit his home which operates as a museum at Pyrgos village.

After a long day at the villages we had to rest at the central square of Pyrgos village which if crowded with pretty cafes. Get yourself a coffee and a Galaktompoureko dessert.

You should get to know this island as it has its own unique beauty. Travel around and you will see its hidden parts.


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