SIFF: The International Film Festival of Syros.

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Worldwide film festival lover and travelers unite. I have a new entry to the list of your destinations! How about travelling to Syros? The first International Film Festival of Syros took place this year and i sure went. 

In the "navel of Greece¨, as Theophilus Gautier has called her, was held this year's edition of the festival Syros. The theme was: Travel. It piqued my attention and judging from the audience i was not the only one. Some movies touched themes like dispersal and migration, tying the cinematic landscape with the real past of refugee Syros.

Even the projection-spots formed a small trek for film, starting from the medieval town of Ano Syros up to historic Tarsana and back to Miaoyli square of Syros. My favorite one was that of Vaporia, which is next to the sea and the sunset of seducive Syros.

"Everything is a journey", vigorously shouted this year's film festival of Syros ! We followed this advice, discovering that travel can be every little detail that leads to small truth, it can be carefree, exciting or liberating, it can be conjuction or gateway to new adventures.

If you happen to be at Syros during August, take our advice and visit the Film Festival.

*** Pictures are taken from Syros International Film Festival website


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