Alopronia's port in Sikinos.

Zoi Xaita
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Sikinos welcomed us from the first moment. A few minutes after our arrival a bunch of kids appeared in the harbour (limani – in Greek). Every time the ship whistled the children took a dive ( in response ) while inviting us to join them. Those pictures laid in front of my eyes made me feel so warm and somehow familiar, few steps further a gentleman told us the right phrase to describe the first picture of Sikinos "a port as a hug"

The port of Alopronoia provides something for all tastes , although it is a small island, you can find a sandy beach on one side and a little rocky on the other  which by the way is perfect for diving.

If you take few steps further you will discover beautiful and shady " chairs " made ​​from the roots of trees while they grow. This was turned to be my favorite spot.

At the same beach i found two restaurants, a supermarket and café. That’s all I needed, no touristic crowds and people that laugh from their heart. You should really try on any of the restaurants the traditional “fava meatballs” and the local wine of Sikinos, by the way if you happen to attend a wedding on the island you will be definitely served with stuffed lamp and that’s an experience we took on the island.

The island is considered as a “hidden treasure” for serene walks but we found ourselves in a different reality cause we arrived on the 15th of August. Sikineia, is a traditional annual local fest that began as a concert,and as the hours passed turned to revelry, feasting until the early morning hour the sunrise found us sleeping on the beach.

What I forgot to tell you is that Alopronia means sea and care, and the harbour took good care us while we fell asleep in its hug. A group of ducks woke us up just before the departure of our boat....

So farewell to Sikinos and its cozy harbor,  which was definitely the revelation of this years summer vacation and a define come back next year.


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