The OLD MAN of Milos, the beach.

Athina Ioannidou
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I do not know why this beach is called like this, but I can imagine. Maybe because of the huge stone that decorates the beach, with the hole in the middle like an old tilted forward over to the walking stick? Or maybe because this beach is one of the oldest of Milos? Or maybe because of its so large caves opened slowly as the years passed?

Whatever the reason is, I have only one to say: the young is nice, but the old is something else. The beauty of this beach duel with the sulfur mines that I loved so much, but again how to compare and why to do this.

You're a lot of way to go to reach the Old man beach. You take the road towards the South-West of the island and then a gravel road where at some point you despair and wonder "I lost the way" or "Oh my god where am I going". When you arrive at a huge bar for vehicles that stops the road, you park. There is a big mine in front of you, you look around and downwards a beach.

After about 20 minutes downhill, you touch your feet in the dark sand and staring avidly the shallow waters. The landscape consists of: low rock, high rock, the rock of the Elder with huge hole, large and small caves on the beach, coves between the rocks! So beautiful!

You do not need an umbrella!

Recommended for nudists and overnight, but I do not know if the sea rises at night!


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