Mini Guide for Milos island, to try the best.

Athina Ioannidou
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After spending 25 days on the island of Milos, i think i can make objective suggestions about the beauties you should definetely visit. We went to most places, every beach is different, the sightseeings are many, the taverns and bar not so many. I give you a list with the Top things to do for each category and i hope you are satisfied. Milos has many many things to do and see so don't stick to my suggestions, cause different people experience places differently.


  • Sarakiniko, a true miracle of nature. You travel straight to the moon and back. 
  • Gerontas, is a detached beach with high rocks, caves and beautiful dark-grey sand.
  • Theorichia, an amazing beach with golden and red pebbles, blue water and old mines at the back.
  • Fyropotamos, a small beach with a very big bay, ideal for swimming and diving from rocks.
  • Kleftiko - Sykia, you can only get there by boat which is a quite amazing experience to have. Try it to see the island from a different perpective.


  • You can hike on the old volcano, where fumaroles are still emitted from the centre of the earth.
  • Visit the local fish houses (called Sirma). On of the biggest is Klima. 
  • Don't miss the Adamantas refuge, where you can experience tunels under the earth and visit the exhibition taking place. 
  • Best sunset from Plaka. Try to find a church to see it or get up to the Castle.


  • Ergina tavern, in Tripiti village offer the best fresh pasta with garlic and dried tomato paste i have ever tried. 
  • Gyalos restaurant, in Pollonia village, can not be missed. Try the rofos carpazzio and the Krithareto cuttlefish ink and orange (pure magic).
  • Armira restaurant, in Pollonia village. Try the souvlaki with swordfish and peach.


  • Enjoy your coffee at Rifaki cafe, in Pollonia village. The guys are really friendly and the cafe is a doll. 
  • Get a peach cocktail in Akri bar or Mikro bar, in Adamantas.
  • For amazing cocktails you should get to Gatis bar, in Plaka village. Please order the Cheesecake Cocktail.
  • Fatses cafe/bar/tavern, is the reggae side of the island, located in a small square of Plaka village. 

Must do

  • Go for a trip to Kimolos island, just 30 minutes with the ferry from Adamantas village
  • Go for a trip to Polyaigos island, just a few minutes with boat from Milos island

I hope you like this guide! Enjoy!


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