Artemis Rooms and Bungalows at Paleochori

Athina Ioannidou
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Five stars, four keys, pool and yacht to go for a ride. For me it does not matter how nice a room is or a hostel or a hotel. What does matter are all those beautiful people we found at Artemis Rooms and Bundalows.

What to say about Anthony, the owner, his wife, the cook and the kids who worked there. All were polite, funny, easy going! Nice and happy even at that night when we drank the last beers and they were half asleep and waited for us to get the hell out without saying anything (sorry for that!)

We had lovely rooms in Artemis for over 20 days, so I thought that I changed house and my house is this! The Cycladic-style, with built-in furniture and bathrooms, exactly as I like it! I love the built-in furniture!

Each morning for breakfast we had eggs, bread-eggs, juice, espresso freddo moderate and the view was the sea of Palaeochori until you open the eye!

The rest can be described by the pictures!

Most important are the people!

Thanks for everything Anthony and the gang.


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