The Heraklion of my heart and Nikos Kazantzakis.

Eva Krokidi
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I shall give you an advice. A conference can be just a conference but can also be a great chance to go to new places you have never been before. A channce to travel! So there i was, two weeks ago, for a conference to Heraklion city, to beautiful Crete. I stepped out of the airplane and i felt the difference of temperature. Firstly of the ground and secondly of the earth around me, making me think i landed in a hotter country.

But where it's really getting hot is at the streets of Heraklion among the young girls and boys who wander in bliss and you stand speechless. My heart was conquered by the city immediately. You forget about problems, about what was torturing your mind yesterday and you stick to the bliss of the moment.

I got myself in the unkown but so familiar narrow streets of Heraklion where you can still see the sea at the end oHe f your eyes. The memories are strong for the locals even from the destruction of the Minoan Crete, as a friend told me. We head towards the cafes near the lions, at the most central point of the city, where water first fountained from this very spot and gave the source of life to this city. Water and Rake are the elements of life here. You can enjoy rake shots at the endless small shops of Heraclion, together with your cretan friends, who make you laugh with their cretan riddles and make you feel like home. The fun feeling of the city together with the hearty hospitality made me feel like a god.

I also had to visit the grave of our great writter and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis, to make me think about letting go all those things that make me fear or give me hope and after leaving them behind to feel free.

When departing, i set my coming-back clock to tick till my next visit, making me feel the sorrow of saying goodbye, even for a short period of time.

P.s. This article is specially dedicated to my friends Marilena, Anna and Eleftheria, but also to my male friends Apollonas, Demetres and Nikos for making my visit so special. Thanks you!


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Eva Krokidi

My Name is Eva Krokidi, born in Corfu but have been living in Patra. My job as a School Consultant demands my travelling in 16 different places which i like to visit also as a tourist. I love travelling and my top destination is ofcourse Corfu. Travelling around the world, participating in a Brazilian Carnival and a Crouise to Alaska are my ultimum goals. Until then i travel and photograph anything passing by.

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