"Wood and Tradition - the feast of flavours made by Mrs Popi.

Marietta Skopeliti
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We are at a very charming tavern right at Pavliani village, owened by mr. Nikos and mrs Popi Nomikou.

Mr. Nikos is a craftsman. He takes wood and he transforms it into art. A true artist, he made the wooden stairs at the taverna. He also took some time to show us around his wooden tools that where given to him by his father, grandfather and grand grandfather. So old!

The tavern was named after that " Wood and tradition" 

Mrs Popi is the "perfect Greek cook". The best choise if you want to enjoy some very well cooked "Greek mama" food. 

Η κ. Πόπη, η "τέλεια μαγείρισσα". Η καλύτερη επιλογή για να φας καλομαγειρεμένο μαμαδίστικο φαγητό. Courgettes stuffed eggplant with cheese, a variety of meat cooked in the pot, courgette-balls, fried meatballs and more authentic Greek dishes. Nice white and red wine, greek music and a very warm traditional environment. 

Most of all we enjoyed the fact that our dishes were made of local and seasonal products. You relax, you taste the delicacies of Mrs Popi and in the end you get to enjoy yogurt with spoon deserts from the collection of the tavern. All handmade by Mrs Popi!  A true Feast of flavors!

We bought some spoon deserts made of cherry and apricot jam, all in very good prices.

This experience left us with a sweet sense of quality and an appreciation for the Greek culinary arts. Worths a visit because for sure you will be satisfied!!


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Marietta Skopeliti

My name is Marietta and i come from Koufonisi island and Kea island. I love travelling to Greece and the world. I strongly believe that we live in a beautiful country full of hidden treasures, beaches, sees, people and unique landscapes. We should all explore it.


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