Myths and beliefs during a riverside walk at Esopos river.

Marietta Skopeliti
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Leaving the property of Basilicia, to the Ano Pavliani, 800 meters later, we met a built-in fount with cold running water.

From there we started a spectacular riverside path beside Asopos. At the beginning of the route we met three stone houses, which have survived the old Theochari's watermill, a millstone but also an iron wheel. 

A walk in the nature, on the paved of wet leaves, along with the rich flowing river Asopos. Smell of green, dew and moisture, waterfalls, huge trees, sycamores and willows. In a great way where you can rest on wooden benches with safety.

A unique experience of ambulatory !! We have been walking about half an hour in the nature we arrived in a plane with plane-trees. An area of forest leisure suitable for many activities such as backgammon, table tennis and even volleyball. A refrigerator is there and has the function of library. In there you can leave your books without suffer anything from humidity! We also saw a handmade cable car and many boats.

We got a coffee and we sat down at the wooden table next to the pond. We could also swim, although the water was about 12 degrees temperature. Absolut tranquility and relaxation!

Ten minutes below we met two wooden houses. It's magical what you can meet from tree to tree there. A perennial plane tree with hollow in its trunk and a tuft of branches called the octopus, since it is the same. But also the head of the bull that killed Antony the boatman. "Mythical Beliefs".


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