Phileas Fogg brasserie in Athens

Nensi Vigani
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It’s summer. I put my music and for a moment I wonder where in Athens I feel happy. Which place in the gray city had made me smile every time I visited it.

And then my mind went there, to my favorite magic corner. On the wall with the enchanting fairytale portraits. At the table where the little globe that decorates it makes me think of my next destination. There, where a couch can give you tranquility when you desperately need it.

O Phileas Fogg is this place. A vintage surprise in my neighborhood. With ethnic elements.  This cafe is more like a collection of paintings and souvenirs from various exotic destinations but a cafe-bar. Years after still when I enter at Phileas, I wonder if I am in Greece traveling somewhere with Mr. Vern.

His music is like his environment, unique, travelling, special. Sounds to suit your every thought and every ' sip '. Ah the sips. Colorful gorgeous and tasty cocktails , neat artwork . How not to leave happy this place when every time you experience something different in the same cafe.

Finally let's talk about somethings that I believe in them too but did not met anywhere else. In the communication and the people. You do not find often a place that the people who work there are actually friends with each other. They'll greet you, gonna talk to you, will make jokes and will dance with you. Yes yes they will dance with you, because anything is a surprise when you enter the iron door of Phileas Fogg.


About the Author

Nensi Vigani

I was born in Albania and the last 14 years I live in Greece. I love music and photography because i believe that anything good or bad can be expressed with sounds and can be inprinted in pictures. Is the best way to remember every moment of our life because everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is to visit Rio De Janeiro!! The reason of course, the lovely sounds, people who express their feelings through dancing and the city's unique beauty!

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