“The Human” of Athens

Athina Ioannidou
Bars and Beach Bars
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Once upon a time there was a "Human"and inside this human there were other human, who formed a part of the bigger "Human". When you looked at it as a whole it looked like a poetically made sculpture.

This is how i picture the bar "Human" everytime i visit it. When entering the "Human" you can understand that this place have been shaped by all the people that visit it regurarly.

It opens during the early hours of the night, usually after 11.00 pm and you better not visit it early, as its pick time is later than 12. Visit it and you are going to be among a lot of souls, shapping an expressive, dynamic and playful body.

The design of the bar is unique, hand-made as you can call it, the lights are never bright and the bar is filled up with drinks to satisfy your appetite.

Get ready for amazing tunes and music, non-labelled, non-consistent, un-usual. You will shake your body with reggae, latin, traditional, 80s, disco, ska, country music, all gathered in one playlist. Be ready for this sound-variety.

The "Human" was always an experience for me.

I haven't visited him for some time now, but i am hearing it is still live and kicking!


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