The BOX bar in Athens.

Fani Vogiatzi
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My favorite place in Athens is a small bar in my favorite neighbor, Exarchia.

The Bar is called BOX and is really like small squares and looks like a box.

In addition to being just 5 minutes from my house the best thing about BOX bar is that i always randomly find there 2 or 3 friends to “spend time” together and to have our drinks together.

I usually listen to "black" music and it serves a very nice organic red wine accompanied with some perfectly marinated cheese cubes.

In general i have to say that Box bar is a very relaxed place where you can be yourself, without having to behave or dress in a prefered manner.

The fact that I met there, four years ago, my boyfriend makes it even more special and loved!


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Fani Vogiatzi

I'm Fanny Voyatzi and design jewelry and tsantes. My worm goal is to offer an original and particular alternative for women looking to wear something different. I was born in Thessaloniki, studied (theater) in London and now divide my time between Athens and Amorgos. You can see my work in

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