Beautiful Anafiotika district in Athens.

Maria Samsonoglou
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Anafiotika is one of the sweetest and most picturesque neighborhoods in the Athens!

As difficult as life can become  in Athens there are always spots where you can really slow down your pace and relax!

Anafiotika is located in the northeast side of the Acropolis, above Plaka.

Created by workmen who came to Athens from Anafi that made sure (for the good of us all!) to follow the same architecture of Anafi island.

Whitewashed houses... Colorful windows... blooming... small cute flowering potsnot makes you want to stay there forever!

Among the small streets of Anafiotika you will meet visitors of various nationalities and the friendly residents of the neighborhood!

Do not hesitate to photograph the exterior of the house! But make sure you're polite and considerate ... and of course do not be afraid to get lost in the narrow streets! How else would you meet the area?

If you get hungry or thirsty, Plaka is full of cafes and is two steps away... unless you're a communicative character and you start friendships with neighbors, meaning to treat you with somw beverage or traditional desert.

If you find yourself in Athens I highly recommend you Anafiotika... feels and looks like an island in the heart of a big city!


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Maria Samsonoglou

Howdy! My name is Maria Sampsonoglou but my alter ego is Alkinoe (ok I admit it .. I love this ancient sound!). I was born in Kavala and wandered to study throughout Greece. I studied photography (and many others) and in my free time i like dancing and working on pottery.

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